Administrative Pathway

Students enrolled in the M.Ed program have the option to select a pathway that leads them to an administrative endorsement within the State of Vermont. In order to achieve this extra credential, students will need to make the following selections during the later part of their graduate program:

1) Select the online sections of EDGR 615 and EDGR 655 rather than the face-to-face sections during the semester that their cohort is scheduled to take these classes. EDGR 615 will focus on Supervision and Evaluation practices and EDGR 655 will focus on Community Collaboration practices.

2) Take an additional online course, PDED 564 School Operations and Ethics (4 credits) during a summer term. This course covers school law, finance, facilities, technology, and general operations.

3) Complete three one hundred hour internships (PDED 565 School Leadership Internship I, PDED 566 School Leadership Practicum II, and PDED 567 School Leadership Practicum III). These internships are completed with the assistance of an on-site administrator who acts as a mentor and assists our SNHU staff in ensuring the expectations for each practicum are met. Taken together, the three internship experiences make sure that the participant has a full understanding of The Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards as well as an opportunity to apply them. It is more than possible to complete these internships while working full-time as a teacher. We develop an individual plan for each student given the particular circumstances of his/her situation. If you are interested in discussing this option as a potential student or an existing student, please contact our Academic Specialist, Jacqueline Gale, at

Additional testing requirements from the VT Agency of Education will be in addition to the completion of this program and are subject to the rules and regulations in place at the time of a student's program completion.

Alumni of the Field-based Graduate Education Program have the option to take additional courses necessary to meet the requirements of an administrative endorsement within the State of Vermont if they have previously completed the Masters of Education degree. If you are interested in these administrative courses, please let us know by completing our inquiry form, calling us at (802) 489-5080 or emailing our Academic Specialist, Jacqueline Gale, at