International Field Study

SNHU recognizes that sometimes you have to see it and be part of it in order to learn it. We are pleased to provide students with up to three opportunities for "extra-cultural" travel during their Field-based Graduate Program in Education. These opportunities for alternative field study can be either domestic or international, and they are designed to provide the educator with new perspectives in the area of technology integration, student assessment, and/or action research practices. Alternative field study experiences can be arranged to be convenient for the educator (school vacations, summer, etc.) and scholarships are available to cover costs associated with airfare and up to five days of housing.

Examples of recommended field study opportunities include attending a professional conference, becoming a visiting scholar at another university, or visiting one or more schools in another geographic area (domestic or abroad). SNHU Vermont Campus has partnerships in place that students can take advantage of, but we also encourage and assist our students to develop their own partnerships as well, thus ensuring that each field study fills a unique learning need.

In order take advantage of these opportunities, students will need to do the following:

1) Be an accepted student in the Field-based Graduate Education M.Ed. or Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) program.

2) Submit an Extra-Cultural Field Study Proposal to your academic advisor three months ahead of desired travel dates that outlines the following (see full guidelines below):
- The way the proposed field study inquiry will assist the student in meeting the outcomes associated with EDGR 625, EDGR 635, and/or EDGR 690.
- How learning related to each outcome will be documented and shared.
- Desired travel arrangements (Specific location, timing, duration, and lodging plans).

3) Receive approval for your Proposal from your academic advisor.

4) Register for either PDED 600 Cultural Perspectives on Technology and Instruction, PDED 601 Cultural Perspectives on Student Assessment, or PDED 690 Visiting Scholar Capstone Seminar at the beginning of the term in which field study travel will be taking place.

5) Complete the Field Study you've designed and documented and share your learning according to the methods outlined in your Proposal.

Students interested in further information about these opportunities for Extra Cultural Field Study should contact the SNHU Vermont Campus Academic Specialist, Jacqueline Gale, at