Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) Program

Since 2001, SNHU's Vermont Campus (based in Colchester, Vermont) have offered M.Ed. and Graduate Certificate Programs across the state of Vermont. The Doctorate of Education degree has been a popular addition to our graduate degree programming. The 2017 Ed.D. Cohort meets in Vergennes, VT - a second cohort added during the Summer of 2018 meets in Southern Vermont, and we are considering adding a Spring 2019 cohort location in the St. Johnsbury Area and/or the Fairfax area. The application deadline for Spring 2019 cohorts is October 31, 2018. If you are interested in hosting an informational meeting in your area, please let us know. We generally begin Ed.D graduate cohort locations in September or January - the program is designed to take three years to complete.

Program Overview

The Ed.D. degree is designed to develop participants as Scholar-Practitioners, specifically advancing participants' knowledge of leadership theory and practice, understanding of approaches to organizational development, and ability to effectively implement research methodologies and disseminate associated findings.

This program supports those who wish to work beyond the confines of conventional leadership as they develop innovative ways of contributing to the organizations to which they are a part. Not only will participants develop their thought leadership as they offer contributions to the field of education, they will also pursue innovative leadership practices and ways of working within their organization.

While maintaining the highest academic standards, the program takes a fundamentally pragmatic approach that is rooted in the lived experience of professional practice, providing a progressive pathway that combines an increasing depth of understanding about the construction and use of knowledge as well as its application within the field of education. Program content is immediately applicable in the workplace and participants are encouraged to develop their leadership practice with others within a cohort learning environment.

SNHU's Ed.D. program will be offered within a regional cohort model, with hybrid courses occurring in a condensed weekend format during the Spring and Fall and during a week long residency each summer. Ideal candidates are in a position to influence the ideas and actions of others through positional or non-positional leadership opportunities. School leaders, community leaders, leaders within non-profit and government organizations, and local entrepreneurs are welcome to apply for program admission. If you are interested in learning more about this program, it is recommended that you share your information with the Vermont Campus team by using this form.

You can find some FAQs with answers here.

Program Curriculum

This is a 48 graduate credit program leading to a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership.

Coursework includes:
Introductory Seminar (1 Credit)
EDGR900 - Doctoral Profile Seminar (1)

Leadership (12 Credits)
EDGR912 - Innovative Leadership (3)
EDGR914 - Leading a Culture of Abundance (3)
EDGR916 - Social Entrepreneurial Leadership (3)
EDGR918 - Sociocultural Perspectives (3)

Organization Development (12 Credits)
EDGR922 - Organizational Analysis (3)
EDGR924 - Organization Innovation (3)
EDGR926 - Organizations and Positive Social Change (3)
EDGR928 - Thriving Organizational Culture (3)

Research (12 Credits)
EDGR932 - Applied Research (3)
EDGR934 - Research Analysis (3)
EDGR936 - Research Design (3)
EDGR938 - Advanced Research Methodologies (3)

Scholar-Practitioner (5 Credits)
EDGR941 - Scholar-Practitioner I (1)
EDGR942 - Scholar-Practitioner II (1)
EDGR943 - Scholar-Practitioner III (1)
EDGR944 - Scholar-Practitioner IV (1)
EDGR945 - Scholar-Practitioner V (1)

Dissertation in Practice (6 Credits)
EDGR946 - Dissertation in Practice I (3)
EDGR947 - Dissertation in Practice II (3)

To view the "Courses-At-A-Glance" document with brief course descriptions, go here.


Current tuition for this Ed.D. program is $627 per credit.

Program Applications

On this site, you can also learn what the application process and requirements for this program will be. Informational meetings to discuss additional 2018 graduate sites for the Ed.D program will begin in August of 2018. Applications for the next regional site will be due no later than November 1, 2018.

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