Application Requirements for M.Ed. and C.A.G.S. Programs

Students become a part of our graduate education program as a specific on-location site is just beginning. The first course at each of our new sites, the ProFile Seminar (1 credit) is one of the requirements for admission as well as being one (1) credit of the 36 credits required for a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree or one (1) credit of 31 credits required for a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS). After successfully completing the Profile Seminar educators can then formally apply to the program within the first six (6) graduate credits that are offered at each of our sites. Other admission requirements include the following:

  • Application Fee of $40.00
  • Official Transcript Showing Undergraduate Degree Awarded (for M.Ed.) or Official Transcript showing Graduate Degree Awarded (for C.A.G.S.)
  • Official Transcript for any Graduate Courses to be Considered for Transfer, with prior approval of Program Director (optional: this can also be done once accepted into the program)
  • Teaching Certificate or Evidence of Teaching Experience
  • Three letters of professional reference
  • Access to a Teaching Situation
    • Classroom Teacher
    • District Educator
    • Day Care Center
    • Other
  • A completed, signed Field-based Graduate Program in Education application form.
  • Remember: You cannot apply to our program unless you are aware that our program is in your geographic region.