“The program helps you change from a traditional teacher to a guider in the learning process: from changing board instruction to offering BIG IDEAS that will engage our students.”
Dora Garcia, Colegio Euroamericano

“This program was an educational experience where finally we as teachers were encouraged to not only learn from each other but to develop confidence in our own knowledge and best practices. Throw open your classroom door, and let others in!”
Karen Budde, Danville School

“SNHU’s Masters in Education program allowed me to take the skills being taught in the classes and apply them to my discipline. As a dance educator running my own dance program in a high school and working in schools with teachers who want to learn about kinesthesia and movement integration, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, independence, and creativity in my approach to working with students and teachers across all disciplines as well as in my own classroom. This graduate program is perfectly designed for any teacher at any grade level in any subject area. I am very pleased to have gone through it. The teachers are phenomenal resources and all aspects of this degree are current and relevant for any classroom teacher.”
Rebecca McGregor, Lyndon Institute

“It was a pleasure for me to be part of this program that has marked the way I conceive my profession and also my mission in life. You and many of the teachers I had the pleasure to meet and work with, taught me about the impact we can have in each person we work for. I knew I loved my profession, but after this experience I know it is my passion and part of my essence.”
Marcela Martinez-Sotomayor, Colegio Euroamericano

“The program provided the opportunity for learners to undertake a personalized and professional journey to discover the power in teaching and the educator. I am left energized and empowered by the experience. I feel that I will always use my classroom and school community as researching opportunities – a notion foreign to me prior to beginning this program.”
Don Gibbs, St. Johnsbury Academy

“This program has changed my professional life. The courses are immediately useful.”
Nelle Knapp, North Bennington School

“This is a GREAT program – with a large, active family and a full-time job I was able to successfully do this program because of the way it was setup (schedules and tailoring of program/classes to meet individual needs). Very helpful, approachable, accessible director and faculty – it’s given me validation and a shot of new energy – thanks!”
Penny Stevenson, Lincoln Street School

“This program has supported my teaching in a more personal and comprehensive way than any other professional educational experience I have had.”
Nene Riley, Riverside School

“They bring the program to my neighborhood. It’s too convenient to ignore.”
Lyndon Moors, Mt. Greylock Regional High School

“The Field-based Graduate Program for professional educators introduced me to a process which, when used thoughtfully and intentionally, can achieve sustainable system altering changes. The process is one that can also be taught to others through the contagious nature of its success. The results of my study have brought about powerful changes for me and my school community.”
Mary Anderson, Cambridge Elementary School

“I have grown both ‘personally’ and ‘professionally’ throughout my graduate work at SNHU. I have become more excited, empowered, assertive, and energized which has led to greater learning opportunities for my students, my community, and for me as a professional educator.”
Frances Walsh, Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School