Information for Providers

Philosophically, we believe that professional development activities need to be flexible and creative and, at the same time, meet the needs of any particular group or school culture. It is through our Professional Development and Outreach Center that many of these goals are possible to achieve! Our Center provides a vehicle for providing continuing education credit for activities that support local school Action Plans or organizational goals.

There are a few different payment options available. For those instructors/contracting organizations who know they will have at least 15 students, a standard SNHU tuition rate applies. There is also a flat per-credit rate. The number of credits given for any activity is dependent on the length of the class or activity offered. Specific policies and procedures and criteria are outlined at the time an organization chooses to use SNHU's Center as the crediting agency for an activity.

Regardless of the payment option, the breakdown of responsibilities is as follows:

Responsibilities of the Contracting Organization/Instructor

  • Development of the course/workshop.
  • Submission of the Course Approval Form and Course Outline to our center.
  • Advertising and marketing of the course.
  • Enrollment, registration and all correspondence relating to the course (all the necessary materials for registration will be provided by the Professional Development Outreach Center).
  • Acceptance of course tuition payments.
  • Securing qualified instructor(s) to deliver the course. Each instructor must have at least a Master's degree and demonstrate expertise in adult learning. Resumes and letters of reference need to be sent to the Center to be kept on file.
  • Adherence to all Policies and Procedures as outlined.

Responsibilities of the Professional Development Outreach Center

  • Approval of courses/workshops being recommended for delivery.
  • Assignment of course numbers.
  • Review and Approval of Instructor Vitae's and References.
  • Supply all appropriate registration materials and grade reporting forms.
  • Grade report dissemination to students.
  • Maintenance and supply of transcripts to students when requested.

For more information please contact us at 844-828-4484 or locally at 802-489-5080 - or please email us at